How to Make a Wikipedia Page for an Artist


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This article will outline the steps you can follow to make a Wikipedia artist page. Let's get into it!

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Having a Wikipedia page as an artist can help boost your online presence and get your work seen by more people.

Nevertheless, making a Wikipedia page from scratch is not as easy as it seems, especially if you are not familiar with Wikipedia's editing interface and rules.

With the increasing number of independent artists emerging every day, Wikipedia has become stricter on what Wikipedia pages are allowed and what information is included on the site's artist pages.

Hiring a Wikipedia editor familiar with the site's rules and regulations can help make the Wikipedia page creation process less complicated and ensure that your Wikipedia page meets Wikipedia's criteria.

This article will outline the steps you can follow to make a Wikipedia artist page. Let's get into it!

Tips for Getting a Musician's Wikipedia's Page Approved

1. Be Neutral

It is crucial to maintain a neutral tone on your own Wikipedia page as an artist. Wikipedia wants its articles to be based on verifiable facts, not personal opinions or experiences.

Neutrality means that Wikipedia editors and readers should be able to interpret the facts in your article without bias.

Therefore, avoid making statements such as "I am the best artist ever" or "My art is the most unique and beautiful thing you will ever see."

Instead, provide verifiable information about your work, such as awards and critical reviews.

 2. Be Notable

 According to Wikipedia, notability is "a measure of the degree to which an individual or organization has been written about in reliable sources that are independent of the subject."

For Wikipedia to consider creating an article about you or your organization, you must meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines.

Notability guidelines are specific criteria that Wikipedia uses to determine if an individual or organization is notable enough to have an article.

You should have received significant coverage from reliable, independent sources to establish notability as an artist.

Some familiar sources of notability for artists include:

  • Published music albums or singles
  • Published books or articles about the artist
  • Awards and nominations
  • TV or radio appearances
  • Sold artworks

 3. Keep it Detailed

A Wikipedia article should be concise and to the point, but that doesn't mean that you can't include detailed information about your work.

Wikipedia editors and readers should get a comprehensive understanding of your work from reading your page.

To achieve this, make sure to include information such as:

  • A summary of your artistic practice
  • Details about your notable works
  • Awards and critical reviews that you have received
  • Links to any external sources where more information about your work can be found
  • Dates, locations, and other relevant information about any performances or exhibitions you have participated

 4. Have Established References

Wikipedia requires all its articles to be based on reliable, third-party sources.

This simply means that Wikipedia does not allow editors to write articles based on their knowledge or experiences.

All of the information in Wikipedia articles must be supported by published, factual information from reliable sources.

For artists, this usually means that you will need to provide links to published articles or reviews from respected publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, or The Huffington Post.

 5. Consider hiring a Wikipedia editor

If you are having difficulty meeting Wikipedia's guidelines or simply don't have the time to create a Wikipedia page yourself, you may want to consider hiring a Wikipedia editor.

Wikipedia editors are experienced professionals who can help you create and maintain a Wikipedia page that meets Wikipedia's standards.

Many Wikipedia editing services are available online, so do your research before choosing one.

Steps to Follow When Creating a Wikipedia Artist Page

Now that you know the basics of creating a Wiki page for an artist, let's go over the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Create a Wikipedia account for the artist

Before creating an artist Wikipedia page, you will need to create an account.

Go to Wikipedia's homepage and pick English as your preferred language. Next, on the top-right corner of this page, you'll find the 'Create account' option. Enter a username and password to secure your account. Then, enter a valid email address to assist in account recovery.

Step 2: Browse the Wikipedia policies

Once you have created an account, it's good to familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's policies.

Wikipedia has various policies that dictate how its articles should be written and the acceptable information.

You can check the preferred writing style that Wikipedia recommends. This information is critical to follow as Wikipedia aims to maintain a neutral point of view in all of its articles.

It would be best to familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's policy on reliable sources. This policy dictates what sources Wikipedia editors can use to write articles.

Lastly, Wikipedia's Respect for Privacy & Integrity policy explains Wikipedia's stance on privacy and plagiarism.

 Step 3: Check on the notability of the artist

Wikipedia has several notability guidelines that Wikipedia editors use to determine if an artist is notable.

The most important guideline to look at is Wikipedia's guideline on the 'notability of persons'. This guideline states that an artist is notable if they have been the subject of ''significant coverage in multiple, reliable, third-party sources independent of the artist''.

If the artist doesn't meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines, they may still be notable enough to have a Wikipedia page if they meet Wikipedia's 'significant coverage' guideline.

This guideline states that artists are notable if they have received ''significant coverage'' from reliable sources.

To check on the notability of an artist, you can search for articles about them on external sites of high credibility, such as The New York Times, The Guardian, or The Huffington Post.

You can also search the artist’s name on Google, enclosing it with inverted commas ("). Google will return a list of pages that mention the artist. If the artist is notable, you will find articles about them on these pages.

Step 4: Collect credible information about the artist

To gather information about the artist, you will need to find articles and reviews from reliable, third-party sources.

Wikipedia requires that all of its information be verifiable, which means that it can be traced back to a reliable source.

When looking for sources, find articles and reviews from sources independent of the artist.

Wikipedia also recommends finding sources that are published in high-quality publications. Therefore, refer to well-known magazines, journals, and newspapers.

Ensure to remain neutral when writing about the artist and not include any personal opinions in the article.

Step 5: Create the Wikipedia page for the artist

Since you already have a Wikipedia account and have gathered credible information about the artist, you are ready to create the Wiki page.

First, you need to search for the page's title on Wikipedia's homepage using the 'red-link' method. If the title exists as a blue link, your title already exists, and you need to choose a different one.

When adding your content, ensure to use an active voice and write from a neutral point of view.

In addition, your content should sound professional and be well-written.

You can go to the Article Wizard submission if you need help creating the Wikipedia page.

Step 6: Optimize your page's content

After creating the Wikipedia page, it is crucial to optimize it for better visibility.

You can do this by adding external links and adding high-density keywords.

External links are important as they provide the reader with more information about the artist.

High-density keywords are words or phrases related to the artist that Wikipedia editors can use to index the article.

Step 7: Include citations to support your content

 Wikipedia requires that all its information be verifiable, so citations are essential.

Citations are references to reliable, third-party sources used to back up your statements.

When adding citations, ensure to add the complete reference, including the title, the author, the date of publication, and the page number.

You can use the 'cite this article' tool to help you create the citations.

 Step 8: Polish your work

 After adding all the information and citations, it is time to check your work for errors.

Read through the article carefully and make sure that there are no typos or grammatical errors.

Also, ensure that all the information is accurate and properly cited.

 Step 9: Submit your Wikipedia page for review

To submit your article for review, go to your account, and on the left side, click on the 'Create a page' button. You'll find an 'Upload' box where you will attach the file you were working on.

You can then click on 'Submit for Review'. Wikipedia editors will review your article and decide whether to publish it.

Now, Wikipedia's community of editors will review your article and decide if it meets Wikipedia's standards. If it does, it will be published.

However, if it contains some errors, you will be requested to edit it and resend it for review.

And that's it! You have successfully created a Wikipedia page for an artist.

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Having a Wikipedia artist page is essential for anyone who wants to showcase their work. With the page, artists can increase their visibility and legitimize their work. Wikipedia editors look for reliable, third-party sources discussing the artist for a page to be approved. Hence, when creating the article, you should always use verifiable references, include proper citations and add detailed information. Creating a Wikipedia page for an artist can be tough, but it is worth it in the end.

Using these guidelines, you can create a Wikipedia page that Wikipedia editors and the general public appreciate.

Did you find this article helpful? If you need assistance with any Wikipedia services, our writing center is here to help. Submit your request for help on our website, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQs Section

Q: How do I create a Wikipedia page for an artist?

A: To create a Wikipedia page for an artist, you will need to gather some information about the artist and then follow the Wikipedia guidelines for making a page.

Q: What information do I need to create a Wikipedia page for an artist?

A: You will need to gather basic information about the artist, including their full name, birth, death dates, nationality, and major works.

Q: What are the Wikipedia guidelines for creating a page?

A: The Wikipedia guidelines for creating a page are reasonably straightforward. First, you will need to create an account and start a new page. Once you have made the page, you can begin filling in the information about the artist.


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