Ways to Make Money Writing Blogs or Editing Wiki Pages


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If you love to write and are interested in making some extra money while doing it, there are a few different ways to do so. Read and learn more

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If you love to write and are interested in making some extra money while doing it, there are a few different ways to do so. Some of these options will require more work than others, but all of them can be lucrative depending on your skillset and interests. In this article, we'll cover the following topics: Building your own blog, how to blog for another website, writing wikipedia articles.

Building Your Own Blog

Step 1: Build a blog.

If you have an idea for a blog, then you should definitely start one! The first step is to create a focus for your blog. If you’re going to be writing about something, it might as well be something that interests you. Blogging about things that interest you will make it easier to come up with posts and topics because they are things that are important and relevant to your life.

Step 2: Write about what you know and have experience in.

There are many different types of blogs, but most blogs fall into one of these categories: lifestyle, fashion/beauty/style, travel/culture-related topics and health/fitness topics (in no particular order). Whatever type of topic you choose to write about will affect the way people perceive your site so make sure it’s aligned with your personal brand image!

Step 3: Build an audience

Build your audience from scratch by creating great content consistently over time until it becomes popular enough for others outside of social media circles (i.e., friends). Share the links for the blog on Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin, pinterest, etc, which will increase traffic flow coming directly from those platforms instead just linking out via Google search engine results page. Where most visitors go towards viewing other sites rather than staying on yours permanently unless they find something interesting.

Other ways to an build audience

  • Build a community by creating a Facebook group that promotes your blog. This will allow you to connect with readers of your content and convert them into followers. Make sure to include the link for your site in the description area so people can easily find the information they need from their mobile phones or tablets!
  • Promote your blog with Google AdWords, which will help you get more traffic to your site. This is very important because it’s an extremely competitive industry and you need to be seen by as many people as possible in order for them to want to buy from you. Step 4: Once your blog starts to garner traffic, you can start adding more pages that are relevant to the content. Step 5: Build your own website and make sure it’s mobile friendly!
  • Create an email list on your site and connect with them. This allows you to re-engage with your audience via email newsletters and updates, while they are still visiting your site after the initial content is consumed.
  • Build an email list and continue to send out emails that are related to your blog posts, but also include other content such as funny videos or interesting articles that you find online. These can be shared with your audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin.
  • Create a podcast in which you interview experts in their field of expertise or talk about topics related to your blog posts with the goal of increasing traffic flow to your website. This can be done by creating an audio file, or video recording of yourself speaking into a microphone and posting it on YouTube.

Blogging For Another Website

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make money writing is to accept guest posts. Most websites have a "guest blogger" section on their site, where you can submit an article for review. If it's accepted, you'll be paid and credited for writing it.

This method is common in affiliate marketing and product review blogs; however, many other sites will allow you to write articles in exchange for payment. Just look through the rules on each website before submitting anything—some websites only accept topics related to their own products or niche while others are open to any topic as long as they fit within a certain theme (e.g., lifestyle).

Once you've found a good website that accepts guest posts and fits with your style of writing, send them an email introducing yourself along with links to any previous work (if applicable). You could also try writing reviews of products or services on sites like Amazon, Yelp or Angie’s List if they allow them.

If your blog has a good reputation, you can also reach out to companies that sell products relevant to your blog and ask if they'll pay for a review. If not, consider writing an article about something related to the company's niche (e.g., if you have a travel blog, write about how traveling helped you grow as a person).

If you’re not sure where to start, try Googling “paid writing opportunities” or “writers wanted.” You should be able to find websites that accept guest posts in exchange for payment.

Look for Freelance Wikipedia Work

If you're a writer, or if you are just looking for a way to make money from your writing skills, one option is to become an editor on Wikipedia. This will allow you to edit the content of articles in any subject area that interests you.

Wikipedia accepts only the best contributions and edits from their editors. They have strict guidelines and policies that must be followed by all of their editors. Editors have their own forum where they can share information and communicate with each other about projects or ideas for improvements in any given article.

While this may not sound like something that could potentially earn money (or maybe it does), keep reading - there are many ways that people do earn money from working as volunteer editors on Wikipedia!

One way to earn money from editing Wikipedia is by selling your services as a freelance editor. This can be very lucrative, depending on how much experience you have and what kind of jobs you take on. Some people are even able to make a full-time living off of editing Wikipedia articles! For instance, Topview creators also offer wikipedia services such as wikipedia page creation, wikipedia artcle writing, google knowledge panel, etc.

If you have a lot of experience and are looking for ways to make some money, consider applying for editing jobs on websites like Upwork or Freelancer. These websites allow people to post job listings and then bid on them in order to earn money as a freelancer. Some employers will even pay you upfront, so you don’t have to wait until after the project is finished in order to get paid!

Write quality, consistent content and you can make money.

To make money writing blogs or editing wiki pages, you need to write quality, consistent content. Quality content is well-researched, well-written and formatted correctly. It also has a introduction, body, and conclusion. Consistent content is important because people will only pay you if they know what to expect from you. They’ve probably seen your previous work and know that they can trust that the quality will be consistent.

Consistent content means that you write and publish at least one article per week. If you’re just starting out and don’t have much time, start by writing three articles per month. Once you get the hang of things, bump it up to four or five posts per month. People will come back to your site because they know that there’s new content waiting for them.

Consistent content is published on a regular schedule that readers can depend on. As Google learns more about people’s search habits and what they like reading most often on the web, they reward sites that provide this type of information with higher rankings in the search results pages (SERPs). This is why it’s so important to publish new content regularly. Google wants to provide users with the best results, so they analyze how often you publish content and how popular it is. If they see that your site has a lot of visitors and is updated regularly, they will reward you by moving your page closer to the top of their search results pages.


We hope that this article has given you some ideas on how to make money blogging or editing wiki pages. Remember that it’s important to take your time, write quality content and be consistent with what you do so that your audience will continue reading and coming back for more. Good luck! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you found this article helpful and would like to share it with your friends or family, please do so! Thanks for reading! Featured Image: Depositphotos

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