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Bank of America donates $250,000 to the fine arts museum.


Bank of America announced on Friday that it would contribute $250,000 to the capital campaign for the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. The bank's donation will help complete the museum's historic renovation and its grounds in Little Rock's MacArthur Park, according to a news release.

"Bank of America is a significant long-term partner of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts," said Victoria Ramirez, executive director of the museum. "For years, they have generously supported our exhibitions and arts education programs, and now we can include them as a contributor to our capital campaign. Gifts such as this are instrumental to our ability to open in spring 2023 with state-of-the-art galleries, an expanded art school, and an upgraded performing arts theater."

The news release states that the funding from Bank of America will go towards building a new museum and provide support while also strengthening the endowment, yielding support for operations, exhibitions, acquisitions, and education and outreach programming in the new museum.

"The grant is part of Bank of America's overall commitment to strengthening the Central Arkansas community by addressing key issues fundamental to economic opportunity and social progress," according to the release. "In 2021 alone, the company provided 24 grants to local nonprofits, including: Our House Shelter, Arkansas Foodbank, PARK Foundation, Baptist Health Foundation and Samaritan Community Center of Northwest Arkansas."

Check out more information from,years%2Dlong%20redesign%20and%20renovation. 

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