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Effective April 30, 2022

This document explains the rules that keep our marketplace running.

We call these rules our Terms of Use. They apply to and all the websites and apps we own or run. (And by we, we mean Topview creators and our affiliates, which we may also refer to as us.)

These terms explain how we expect you to behave when you're using Topview creators – whether you're a registered user or an unregistered site visitor on our Site.

Interpretation Of Our Terms:

  • "Website" means
  • "Consumer/Customer", "You", or "Yours" refers to anyone submitting, bidding, executing an order, uploading any information, and transferring payments on this website.
  • "Company," "We," or "Our" refers to the website.
  • Messaging System is the software that ensures uninterrupted communication between the customer and the Writer or with a Support Team Representative.
  • Order refers to the actual request for a Service sent to our Company by the customer. It includes particular requirements and a specification of sources for writing. OR
  • An 'Order' is an electronic request for a paid service from the customer for a particular writing service. An order specifies the scope of work and other customer requirements regarding the service. OR
  • "Order" refers to the written order submitted in electronic form online on our website by the consumer. An order includes the work in its entirety and its consumer requirements.
  • Order Status shows the progress of the Order and current position towards completion.
  • Service is the result of an Order, which comes as original content, written and delivered to the customer according to their inquiry as a digital document.
  • Product Revision is a request sent by the customer for editing the final version of the product based on the initial requirements of the order.
  • Support Team or Support refers to the Company's structural unit responsible for coordinating and assisting the Order process.
  • According to the Company Agreement, a Writer is a person employed by the Company who provides research and writing services to the customer.
  • An affiliate is anyone or anything that in any way manages, is managed by, or shares management with us.
  • Wallet refers to the customer's account within the Company that stores Credits for the customer. Funds added to their balance are done voluntarily to compensate further the order(s) price at their discretion.
  • An affiliate program refers to a particular program targeted at existing Customers of the Company. The program aims to reward regular clients with Credits to Personal wallets for driving new Clients to the website. The Company defines the commission rates (rewards), which can be changed at its discretion.

Please read these rules carefully: you're agreeing to follow them by using our Site.

Order Placing And Registration

The order is placed by completing the Order form provided in the Application. No Service is provided by other means than by request.

The Order form will specify the scope of the work, Order parameters, and delivery terms. Your responsibility is to provide exact, full, and final information to each standard Order form section when filling in the Our Order form.

You will be requested to register by providing Your contact information such as name, email address, country of residence, and telephone number. Should any difficulties arise during account creation, don't hesitate to contact our Support. In addition, should any of your contact details change over time, it is your sole responsibility to update your profile accordingly or inform Support of such changes.

Order Payment And Discount

When placing an Order, you agree to buy the service from the Company. The Company starts to process your order only after the payment for the service is made and is authorised.

The payment for the service is calculated according to the Company's Pricing and is paid in advance, as stated in the Order form, once the scope of work is identified. The Company is not held responsible for Service delivery until the payment has been made in full and has been authorised.

Orders can be paid with Credit Cards, Debit Cards or any means made available by the Company

The Company reserves the right to offer discount and bonus programs to Customers at its discretion using discount code(s) the customer can use when filling out the Order form. If the code is not provided in the corresponding section of the Order form, the discount will not be given out by the Company for that particular order.

The Company commits to providing equal access to discount and bonus program information for each customer in the Company with no exceptions.

Upon Your Order evaluation, the Company may request additional payment or additional time to work on Your Order since the impact of the work done to fulfil Your order can only be defined after a manual review is performed. The customer may decide to either agree to new Order parameters and Order Total or refuse to cooperate with the Company. If the Client wishes to stop working with us – a refund will be processed according to the Money Back Guarantee Policy.

Order delivery

The Company is held responsible for the delivery of the service and for meeting the deadline indicated in the order.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the availability of delivery channels once the Company has provided the service to the Client. The Company will not be held responsible for an incorrect email address indicated by the customer in the profile, spam filters, internet outages, and general customer negligence to provide communication channels and other contact means beyond the Company's control. The customer is encouraged to contact Support for assistance with an Order's Delivery.

The customer is held responsible for downloading the service on time after the Company has provided the courtesy.

All orders are delivered through our the customer's account on the website through the orders page.

Order revision

The Company provides free amendments to the customer by the Company to ensure the quality of the product provided and to ensure total customer satisfaction with the product. To receive a free revision of the product, the customer has to submit a revision request in written form using the Messaging System within (45/60/90) calendar days after the Order delivery date. Should the revision deadline be missed, the customer may have their order revised for additional payment or place an order for editing.

The Company reserves the right to decline a revision request if the revision instructions violate initial Order instructions. In such cases, the customer may be requested to pay additionally for the requested changes or place an order for editing.

The Company reserves the right to decline or limit multiple revision requests if the customer's behaviour demonstrates obvious exploitation of the Writer and other unreasonable requests.

If the request meets all defined requirements underlined in these Terms and Conditions, our Company will revise the delivered service.

Refund policy

If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of our work, they may request a refund within seven days of receiving the final product. In order to be eligible for a refund, the customer must provide specific feedback on what they did not like about the work.

Under the following circumstances, refunds will not be issued:

- If a Wikipedia page was taken down due to failure to meet notability standards.

- If a Wikipedia page is deleted 14 days after publication, we will not issue a refund.

- If the customer changes their mind after approving the work, this does not qualify for a refund.

- If you request us to make changes that do not comply with Wikipedia policies.

- If the customer has already made use of the content that we wrote for them

- If the customer does not provide specific feedback on what they did not like about the work

- If the customer changes their mind after approving the work

- If the customer requests a refund for work completed to their specifications and it is verifiable.

- If the customer requests a refund for work that was not delivered on time due to factors beyond our control, such as the customer not providing all of the necessary information promptly.

We keep the rights to our intellectual property

Using our services doesn't mean you can use any of our trademarks or other intellectual property, like copyrights and patents. We keep all of our rights to our intellectual property, even though we let you use our services.

Our logos and names are our trademarks and registered in certain jurisdictions. Any other product or company names, logos or similar marks and symbols you see on Topview creators may be trademarked by our partners or other users like you.

We're open to your ideas

We'd love to hear your thoughts on improving Topview Creators. Here's what happens when you share them.

You can send us comments and suggestions about our services and ways to improve them. If you do, you agree your ideas are free and unsolicited, and you don't expect or ask anything in return unless we've specifically asked you for your ideas and offered something in return (we like to keep our word).

You agree we're free to use, change and share the idea as we like, without being obligated to give you anything. And if you do send us an idea, you also agree that this doesn't affect our right to use similar or related ideas – including those we already have or get from others.

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